I'm here to provide you with tools. I'm here to give you those positive reflections of the little accomplishments, even when there are experiences or feelings that seem grueling. I'm here because our healthcare system doesn't provide you with a continuity of care throughout the postpartum passage. I'm here to provide you with community, bonding and support that will leave you feeling empowered and independent. 

Postpartum Doula Services in McMinnville, Newberg, Salem, Dallas, Lincoln City, Corvallis + SURROUNDING AREAS.



  • Education: provide you with newborn baby care, teach sibling into transition,  partner's role in postpartum

  • Nutrition: create meal trains, prepare nutrient-dense food that heals, breastfeeding essentials

  • Feeding Support: whether or not you are breastfeeding

  • Family Care: errand-running, sibling care + pet care, light housekeeping, bottle cleaning, laundry

  • Mothering the Mother: provide you with breaks from baby, shower time, naps, massage, birth processing

  • Sleep Adaptation: availability for night shifts as needed

  • Including:

    • At least one in-home consultation to learn about your needs, and become familiar with your home, fill out a postpartum plan and meet family members.


Daytime Postpartum Support: $30-35/hour; 4 hour shift minimum; scheduling/fees may vary upon family's needs and number of babes - may be contracted from one week to 2-3 months.

Overnight Postpartum Support: $25-30/hour; 8 hour shift minimum; scheduling/fees may vary upon family’s needs and number of babes- may be contracted a single night per week or up to 4 nights per week.

*postpartum night doula role varies from daytime in that focus of care is primarily on baby’s needs - offering mama + partner rest.

First week’s payment to be met upon hire; the remaining can be paid on a weekly basis on the first day of each week or otherwise written in a plan within the contract.


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