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Placenta pills are a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine which can have a dramatic and beneficial effect on a new mother's milk production, hormonal and emotional stability, and physical recovery from birth.

The steps to Traditional Chinese Medicine placenta encapsulation include: steaming the placenta with ginger and lemon, then drying it at a low heat in order to preserve the many beneficial nutrients and hormones it contains.  Once dried, it is ground to a fine powder and placed into capsules; a typical placenta may yield 75-100 pills.

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It's a two part process. The first part involves getting the placenta prepped and ready for dehydrating. Part two is the encapsulation process. Again, don't feel like you need to be present for any of this. My goal is to be your devoted sister preparing your placenta medicine in your immediate postpartum. Your job is to continue to rest and nurture your baby and yourself equally. 

Depending on location: option available for services to take place in the setting of your own home.  I'll bring everything that we will need for the entire process. I don't expect you to participate in any way, however, if you'd like to and are willing with energy, I would love to have you witness the process at your leisure.


Basic Package:

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$250 - pills, cord keepsake & photo of placenta 

* placenta capsules are prepared as a raw encapsulation or Traditional Chinese Medicine encapsulation in the price above

$30-40 - travel/commute fee for at-distance clients (above 40 miles from Willamina, OR)

*travel commute fee waived for labor clients accompanied with placenta encapsulation package


Placenta Broth - $10- Perfect for soups, stews, smoothies, etc. 

Placenta Print - $20 

Frozen Sitz Herb Pads - $25 - 10 count + sitz herb liquid and peribottle

Lactation Cookies - $20 - one dozen of the yummiest, galactagogue-filled cookies